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BYOU's editorial and expert content empowers readers with knowledge of essential health topics and resources to enjoy optimum physical and emotional wellness.

We look for a variety of content ranging from human interest stories to expert contributions by qualified health care professionals. Regular departments include Advances in Medicine, Fitness, Food and Nutrition, Men and Women’s health, Parenting, Mental Health and more.

Those interested in contributing should be passionate about sharing their knowledge of health and wellness.

Read our writer’s guidelines below:



Our audience is people of all ages and backgrounds who are concerned about health and well-being. Our primary audience is roughly 59 percent women and 41 percent men. 67 percent of our users are between the ages of 18 and 44.


What We Want

We are looking for strong, entertaining and well-researched articles on compelling topics. Dazzle us! Don’t just write about your topic, experience it! If you’re covering a fitness group, attend it. Interviewing a family? Spend time with them. Explaining a new service? Try it out if you can.



professional, warm-hearted, and personal.



We require sources for all submissions. We are looking for top experts in the relevant field. Writers may choose their own sources or ask the editor for suggestions. If you are citing studies or journal articles, please include links at the bottom of your article.


Your article will be reviewed by a team of editors who reserve the right to edit for style, clarity, consistency, length and grammar.


If you must make changes to an article after you have submitted it, alert the editor immediately. If your article is in the editing process, you may list out your changes in an email to the editor.


We provide every writer with a review copy, especially if significant edits were made. If you wish to see a final copy, please let us know upon submission. Meeting deadlines and making requested changes promptly will ensure plenty of time for the editors to email you a final.


BYOU assumes print rights for all submissions unless otherwise discussed. Before submitting an article to BYOU, please ensure your article is unique and has not been published or presented elsewhere. Reprint rights may be granted in some situations.

To submit your content for consideration, please complete the following form.

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