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New Spiritual writer Priscilla van Rijn - Soultalks

Spiritual writer Priscilla van Rijn - Soultalks
Spiritual writer Priscilla van Rijn - Soultalks

Priscilla was born and still living in Amsterdam. Loves to travel, has always a positive mindset, believes in the Law of Attraction, and is very spiritual. But also very down to earth. I always keep my consults: real, straight, and positive and say whatever comes to me.

I’ve always been able to see spirits, something I was really afraid of growing up. But there came a time I didn’t want to be afraid of it anymore. I did a mediumship training, got to know with communicating, and realized everything is LOVE! I like to give people closure by talking to their deceased loved ones. It all has to do with being on the right frequency, energy level, and telepathy—the same works for communicating with animals. Alive and diseased, all based on telepathy.

You can book a consultation with me for yourself, speaking to your diseased loved ones or your pet.

For communicating with animals, I need a picture where the eyes are both visible. I need the name of the pet and you can give me a few questions if you would like to ask it something. You can also just let it go and let the animal talk. I will give you a voicemail after I finish speaking to it—no need to come by.

For communicating with a diseased loved one, you can give me a picture, or have a live consultation via videocall. Make sure you only give me your name, because I don’t want any information before.   

If you want a consultation just for you, I will let my higher self make contact with your higher self and let it speak. Most people can't really get to the unconsciousness to really know what you need to know.

This can be done by videocall or I can send you a voicememo whenever I am finished.

Please know: that I won't make any predictions about your future. Only the now or the past.


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